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VoIP PBX Features

Every VoIP PBX has all of the following functionality available. Resellers can control access per customer to individual features.

  • Alerts of high call cost or volume
  • Auto attendant (ask caller to enter number required)
  • Bulk dialer (connect answered phones with any destination)
  • Call recording (choice of which calls to record)
  • Call spy (listen to calls, PIN protected)
  • Calling cards
  • Classes of service (control what numbers phones can call)
  • Conference calls
  • Dial by name
  • Fax (send and receive)
  • Fax to email
  • Hunt groups (call multiple phones simultaneously, many levels)
  • Inbound number configuration (route the call to any phone or feature)
  • IVR menus ("for A press 1, for B press 2", many levels)
  • Music on hold (upload your own music)
  • Page groups (like hunt groups but multiple destinations can answer)
  • Pattern menus (route calls according to custom caller ID patterns)
  • Pickup groups (intercept calls to other phones in same group)
  • Queues (if all phones are busy place callers on hold)
  • Remote access (allow authorized external parties to use PBX)
  • Telephone lines (register any SIP device)
  • Time of day or week call routing
  • Transfers to numbers or features
  • Virtual phones (log in on top of any physical phone)
  • Voicemail
  • Web portal (users can configure phone line, voicemail, etc)

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